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Full Bronze Micky Sculpture / Fountain • 2018


Installation at private location.  This is my largest bronze sculpture to date. Thanks to Randall Harrington and Leif Johnson for doing all the heavy lifting on the fabrication of this project.  Foundry work done a Decker Studios. And thanks to the client who has been supporting my work for several years now.

"Bill Barminski has a long history of playing with cardboard. Though known as a painter, his increasingly independent sense of humor long ago inspired him to make unlikely things out of cardboard—rockets, motorcycles, mixtapes, gas masks—offerings which always operated on dual levels. On the one hand, the subversive joy of making that recalls childhood in its imagination and raw fun; on the other, an almost nihilistic thumb in the eye of the expense-obsessed out of control art market and its insatiable appetite for junk. For those reasons and more it was the most natural fit ever when Banksy tapped Barminski for Dismaland, where, among other things, Barminski created the entire security entrance set-up with metal detectors, body-search wands and everything at the entrance to the park. “People went through it!” marvels Barminski. “I don’t know if they thought it was real or if they were just playing along or what—but they did it.” " - Shana Nys Dambrot - Vice 2016






Bill Barminski, legendary painter and multimedia artist, is going to be the focus of a two-night career retrospective at Castelli Art Space in Los Angeles. Barminski's work has spanned innumerable music videos, movies, magazines and advertisements. Some of the most notable include the Absolut Vodka billboard on Sunset, Baz Lurhmann's iconic Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) video, or the security entryway to Banksy's Dismaland. He has been immensely prolific and influential over the last 30 years, with work spanning the mediums of illustration, painting, sculpting, animation, music composition, video and fully-immersive large-scale installations. The retrospective will feature over two dozen paintings from various periods of Barminski’s career, focusing on  the mid-80s and 2000s. The exhibit will also feature a never before-seen large bronze sculpture, as well as new renditions of his signature cardboard sculptures.



right: Ironman posing with Toxic Micky



Historic performance in Vienna.  The Vixen has become the first opera ever performed in the Muiskverein Concert Hall.  This venue  is considered one of the finest concert halls in the world and now my work has become part of it's history that includes Johannes Brahms and Anton Bruckner.


The Production received rave reviews in Austria.


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National Geographic • Breakthrough Series • 2017



Animation sequences for the  CURING CANCER episode directed by UCLA alumni Ana Lily Amirpour.



Check out a short clip on the Nat Geo website



SHYTEGEIST • I am Waiting - March 2017

a poem by Lawrence Ferlinghetti


Shytegeist is a Los Angeles artist collaborative that I am part of. This is our first music video. VEMIO

Featured on Canal +

March 6th episode



De Young Installation Project


December 4th, 2016 installation for private event at the De Young Museum, San Francisco.

SHYTEGEIST Projection Mapping


Ongoing projects for live performance featuring experimental music and video.


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Death Cab for Cutie


Animated video for "good help"


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Featuring artwork by Banksy, Damien Hirst, Jenny Holzer, Bill Barminski, Mike Ross, Scott Hove, Escif, Ben Long, Gregg Haberny, et al. And you can't get in without going through Bill Barminski's cardboard security room.


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Ever wonder about who I am and what I do? Of course not. But I made a 3 minute video to explain it just in case.

The Cunning Little Vixen in 30 seconds_gif.


The Cunning Little Vixen is a ground breaking new media opera presented by the world famous Cleveland Orchestra in May 2014. We created an interactive animated world full of forest animals projected on a 90' x 30' video screen.

The Cleveland Orchestra • directed by Yuval Sharon • artwork and animation by Bill Barminski and Christopher Louie




 by Leoš Janáček

Outline Shoes - cardboard • 2012

Robert Downey Jr inspects one of his cardboard spray cans created by artist Bill Barminski

New painting 2015

My billboard for Absolut Vodka.  Up on the Sunset Strip from 1998-2000




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My billboard design for AHF. This campaign is running nationwide summer 2014 • New York to L.A. and parts between